"After" Photos - The struggle is real

I’ve been in this industry for a long time now. I’ve worked at several different design companies that each had their own method of dealing with photographing projects once they were completed. One company didn't photograph jobs at all, one had us use the camera on our phone, one would only have professional photographs taken on one or two projects per year and one had the girl that worked the front desk go to the jobsite with a camera to take photos. None of them consistently had jobs professionally photographed after the job was completed. Those were the “old days” and they are over.

I get it. Professional photography is expensive and time consuming.

After the job is completed you have to schedule the photographer, gather all the items you’ll need to stage the scene, do some cleaning, arrange and re-arrange until it’s just right, spend a few hours with the photographer at the jobsite, clean everything up and then wait for the final photos. And pay for it…

Is it really worth it?


In the age of Social Media and Digital Marketing there’s just no better way to show potential clients who you are and what you can do. It’s taken me a long time to come around to this conclusion. I’ve literally had a client tell me I should just charge them an additional amount to cover the cost of photography when the job is completed. You spoke and I listened. (Thanks, Andi.)

So, I’m now going to be having my jobs photographed on the regular.

I’m sure my next step will be to do Instagram stories…but I’m just not there yet.

3 Ways To Refresh Your Home Decor For Free!

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update the look of your home is simply to move some things around.  You'll gain a fresh perspective on both your interior spaces and your old familiar furnishings by engaging in a little experimentation.   Furniture and other accessories can make a big impact on how dynamic your space feels when you use them in new and unexpected places. 

Here are a few tips to refresh your space!

1)  Rotate your art and pictures.
Start by taking the paintings, mirrors and pictures off the walls and rehang them in  different rooms of your home. You'll be shocked at the new life this one move breathes into familiar pieces just by changing their location!  If your space allows you to move some of your accent furniture you'll find the effect is equally AMAZING!  

2)   Move (or remove) your rugs.  
I regularly switch the rugs in my den, family room and dining room in order to keep the spaces feeling energized and updated.  I also tend to remove the rugs during the Summer months so I can enjoy the beautiful patina of the antique wood floors in my 80 year old home.  By moving the rugs I have a seasonal opportunity to thoroughly clean the wood floors and, if needed, have the rugs professionally cleaned.  

3)  De clutter and refresh your accessories. 
Think back over the past year.  Did you take a vacation?  Did you mark a special anniversary or achieve something that you're especially proud of?  Were there any major family events?  Try to commemorate these life events with mementos, souvenirs or photos that remind you of the best moments of the past year.  Remove and donate the old books that have been parked on your book shelves.  Replace them with something that reminds you of a positive event or milestone.   You'll find your spirits lift as you move from room to room.  I find this practice also helps me be more selective about travel purchases.    

Tip-   Try to collect items that are small and easy to store in a neat and organized way.  I collect silver rings in every new city I visit and have found them to be a wonderful and useful souvenir!