Radiant Heat Floors - They're so hot right now

What comes to mind when you hear the word "luxury?" Perhaps you think of a private plane, expensive cars or huge homes in exotic locations? When I think of luxury I tend to focus on the experience rather than the item itself.  Sometimes you can have a wonderfully luxurious experience with a super soft bath towel or while enjoying a delicious meal.

Luxury doesn't have to be super expensive. 

If there was one luxury upgrade I could recommend it would be radiant heat flooring.  The experience of waking up on a chilly morning and stepping out of bed onto a gently warmed floor can be a little touch of heaven. For clients who are planning a bathroom or kitchen renovation, it's an easy way to overcome the biggest negative of using tile on the floor. No one likes to step onto a freezing cold floor!

Whether you have pets that sleep on the floor, kids that play on the floor or are just looking to make your home a more comfortable oasis, radiant heat flooring can be the touch of luxury you're looking for.  It is an additional expense but the return on investment will pay off with reduced heating bills and the comfort of walking on a surface that hugs your feet with cozy warmth when you need it most.

Heat can be installed under many (but not all) types of flooring. The most common form of radiant heat is using low voltage electricity in a thin mesh that is installed between your sub floor or slab and your finished floor covering. If you want to have every inch of your flooring heated, there are custom mats that can be made to fit the exact dimensions of your space. If you only need specific pathways or locations heated, there are also a variety of standard size mats that can be combined to cover the necessary locations.  Most of these mats can be used under engineered wood, tile, laminate and even vinyl plank floors. *Be sure to check with the flooring manufacturer to see if their warranty will allow them to be installed over radiant heat.


One of my favorite methods of heating tile floors combine the heat element with an anti-fracture membrane that help keep the surface tile from cracking if your subfloor moves or cracks. Not only can you fully customize the locations of the heating element, but the quality of the tile installation will be improved! This method is particularly helpful if your home is on a slab foundation. Temperature is controlled by a thermostat that can be set and adjusted to ensure optimal energy efficiency and comfort. You'll find that the more you use the radiant heat, the less you'll use your old forced air heater!

Pricing can range quite a bit so I recommend getting a quote from your local flooring installer.

Check out Warmly Yours and Schluter DITRA HEAT for more information and to find a local installer.



3 Ways To Refresh Your Home Decor For Free!

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update the look of your home is simply to move some things around.  You'll gain a fresh perspective on both your interior spaces and your old familiar furnishings by engaging in a little experimentation.   Furniture and other accessories can make a big impact on how dynamic your space feels when you use them in new and unexpected places. 

Here are a few tips to refresh your space!

1)  Rotate your art and pictures.
Start by taking the paintings, mirrors and pictures off the walls and rehang them in  different rooms of your home. You'll be shocked at the new life this one move breathes into familiar pieces just by changing their location!  If your space allows you to move some of your accent furniture you'll find the effect is equally AMAZING!  

2)   Move (or remove) your rugs.  
I regularly switch the rugs in my den, family room and dining room in order to keep the spaces feeling energized and updated.  I also tend to remove the rugs during the Summer months so I can enjoy the beautiful patina of the antique wood floors in my 80 year old home.  By moving the rugs I have a seasonal opportunity to thoroughly clean the wood floors and, if needed, have the rugs professionally cleaned.  

3)  De clutter and refresh your accessories. 
Think back over the past year.  Did you take a vacation?  Did you mark a special anniversary or achieve something that you're especially proud of?  Were there any major family events?  Try to commemorate these life events with mementos, souvenirs or photos that remind you of the best moments of the past year.  Remove and donate the old books that have been parked on your book shelves.  Replace them with something that reminds you of a positive event or milestone.   You'll find your spirits lift as you move from room to room.  I find this practice also helps me be more selective about travel purchases.    

Tip-   Try to collect items that are small and easy to store in a neat and organized way.  I collect silver rings in every new city I visit and have found them to be a wonderful and useful souvenir!