Land Park Kitchen Renovation

This lovely brick duplex in upper Land Park was built in 1942 and in need of some serious updating. My clients found me online and asked me to help bring their tiny kitchen into the 21st Century. They wanted to keep the look of the kitchen similar to what was existing but also wanted to add some modern amenities like… a dishwasher.

I knew we would lose some storage because of the dishwasher so I planned on adding bench seating to regain some of the storage space. The clients had recently installed new tile flooring that they wanted to keep, so the footprint of the new kitchen had to match up with the old layout.

This is the area I had to work with…

Tiny spaces require some extra creativity! The clients wanted to upgrade to a full size refrigerator, add a dishwasher, increase storage and improve access to items in the cabinets.

We selected a traditional shaker style door in matte white paint for the cabinets and a white quartz for the countertops. The clients selected a marble mosaic backsplash that give a feel of timeless elegance. The angled sink and wall mounted faucet keep the feel of a vintage kitchen while adding modern appliances and finishes make this little kitchen photo worthy!

So there she is… a sweet little renovation that still feels like a vintage space.

If you are interested in a renovation of your space, give me a call and let’s chat!